Support Groups

The CBHS operates a Support Group structure through a committee of the Council to offer support, advice and encouragement to Cleveland Bay societies and organisations and to liaise as necessary between them and the CBHS. Such groups may be within the UK or abroad in any part of the world.

Active participation and support for these friends of the Cleveland Bay is of critical importance to the CBHS.


A further brief is to encourage the establishment of new support groups.


Our ambition is that in the UK new local, regional or specialists groups – e.g. driving - will be formed to aid the promotion, demonstration and showing of Cleveland Bay horses.


New Cleveland Bay Sporthorse groups are being formed which we hope will soon be aligned with the CBHS. It is through this committee that those organisations have a channel of communication with the CBHS.


Additional responsibilities apportioned to this committee are:

  • membership and membership matters
  • membership cards
  • new members’ communication and membership packs
  • attracting and encouraging new members
  • convening social activities
  • organising conferences

If you have a CBHS membership issue or you are a member of Group that you would like to link to the CBHS or you are interested in forming such a group then please contact the CBHS office.


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