Stallions Standing Overseas 2018






AUSTRALPARK FIELDMASTER (AUS133) foaled 1996 16hh Sire: Forest Field Day Dam: Wetherby Cambridge. Email: Tel: 0412 979 829


AUSTRALPARK MIDNIGHT MAGIC (108AUS) foaled 1995 16hh Sire: Gillshaw Caliph Dam: Wetherby Cambridge. Email: Tel: 0412 979 829


BILLARA ALFREDO (AUS234)(BASIC) b.2000, Sire: Wetherby Alpheratz, Dam: Wetherby Mirach. Veronica Hannam, Verondina Stud, Birdwood, S Australia. Tel: 08 8568 5200


FERNDALE SPRINGS ST PATRICK (AUS231)(BASIC) b.2012. Sire: Tregoyd Topper, Dam: Silverfern Sugar'n'Spice. Ms Brenda Boaden, Ferndale Springs, P O Box 673, Pinjarra 6208, Western Australia.  Tel: 0419 953 371.  Email:


TEXLEA IMPECCABLE MARKSMAN (147 AUS) (BASIC) foaled 2003 16.1 1/2hh Sire: Levenmouth Impeccable Dam: Wetherby Madam Butterfly. (Status Unconfirmed - would the owner please fill in the census form on CBHS website & email details to CBHS office).


TEXLEA SAINT OLIVER (175AUS) (BASIC) foaled 2006 Sire: Texlea Impeccable Marksman Dam: Wetherby Charlotte. Bill Henderson, Billara Stud, Mount Pleasant, SA. Tel: 08 8568 2885


TREGOYD TOPPER (2545) (QA) foaled 2001 just short of 16.0hh Sire: Cholderton Whitethorn Dam: Tregoyd Topsy. Brenda L Boaden, Ferndale Springs, PO Box 673, Pinijarra 6208, Western Australia. Tel: 0419 953 371.





BELLADONNA ISAAC (154USA) born 2005 16.2hh. Sire: Penrhyn Tsar  Dam: Penrhyn Extravagant. Alistair Allen, Shanty Bay Stables, 665 Line 4 S Oro Medonte, Shanty Bay, Ontario, LOL 2L0. Email:   Tel: 705-241-6984.


CHAKOLAS M'LORD BEETHOVEN (A2403) (QA) b.1994, 16.0¾hh Sire: Cholderton Yeoman Dam: Levenmouth Heatherbell.  Jane E Scott, 619 Dewey Street, RR#3, Yarker, Ontario, Canada KOK 3NO Email:


FOREST FELLOW (2395) (BASIC) b.1995, 16.3 3/4hh Sire: Forest Farnon Dam: Forest Flair.  Linda Yaciw, P O Box 484, Pouce Coupe, British Columbia, VOC 2CO. Email:, Tel (250) 786-5860 or toll free in Canada 1-800-255-8225 Web Site


OLDDOMINION BREGO (202 USA) (BASIC) b.2009, Sire: Tregoyd Journeyman Dam: Penrose Willow.  Joanna Kretowicz, 1031 rue Dupéré, Saint-Jerome, Québec J5L 1L6,  CANADA.    Email:


THICKLEY NORMAN (2522) foaled 2000 Sire: Wigginton Antonio Dam: Celebration.  Owned by Heather Burns, P O Box 177, 8726 Slocan West Road, Slocan, British Columbia, Canada, VOG 2CO. Standing at : Lori Johanson, Windover Ranch, Cranbrook BC.




AFONDALE HIGHLANDER (2637) ( QA ) b. 2005, Sire:Tregoyd Journeyman  DamBaydale Tempest.   Mrs & Mrs A Woods, L’Etrumier, 49640 Morannes, France.

Email:      Tel: 033 241201380




CHOLDERTON ISSUS (2676) b.2006  SireCholderton Cacus  Dam: Cholderton Bellona.  Hilary Britton, KilnafrehanDungarvan, Co Waterford, Ireland. Tel: 00 353 87 6400 586  Email: Now only available in Ireland.




ARENA MAESTRO (2828)(BASIC) b.2013, Sire: Laughton Saladin, Dam: Knaresborough Moon Dust.  Jason Daisey, 6110 Holter Road, Jefferson, MD 21755, Tel: 214.406.7813, Email: 


BENSINGTON BLUESTONE (2627) foaled 2005 Sire: Cholderton Yobi Dam: Bensington Peggy.  Abby Jones, Overlook Farm LLC, 2321 Stone Mountain Road, Stoneville, NC 27048. Email:  Tel: 336-949-4848 or 336-210-0204.


CHAKOLA'S HUCKLEBERRY (179USA) (BASIC) b.2007,16.0hh, Sire: Cholderton Chiron Dam: Foxhollow Nautica. John S Hammond, Cornish, NH.  603-558-0006  Email:


CHOLDERTON HYPERION (2625) (BASIC) b.2004, Sire: Cholderton Cacus Dam:Cholderton Xenobia. Mark Wilson, Scottsdale VA  434-953-5157  Email:



FOXHOLLOW (USA) NAVIGATOR (104 USA) (BASIC) b.1999 16.2hh Sire: Fryup Marvel  Dam: Kingsleys Sea Pearl.  Tom and Rene Brown, 4001 Beaver Creek Road, Big Sandy, Montana 59520. Email: 

Tel: 406-386-2417


FROSTYOAK HAMPTON (USA 256) (BASIC) b.2008. Sire: Idlehour Yorktown  Dam: Willow Ariana. Maria Hayes, FrostyOak Stables, 142 Zenith Road, Nescopeck PA 18635. Tel: 570 441 8512  Email:


GALVESTON (USA 236) (BASIC) b.2013, Sire: Pembridge Midshipman  Dam: Foxhollow Seashell.  Stephanie Sutch, Legends Way Farm, 28301 SE HWY 42, Umatilla, FL 32784. Email:


GAYLORD EDWARD OF YORK (USA 261) (BASIC) b.2013  16.0hh.  Sire: Idlehour Yorktown  Dam: Belladonna Xtravagance.  Peter J Cook, Gaylord Cleveland Bays, P.O. box 187, 211 Warner Washington Lane, Berryville, VA 22611, USA.  Tel: 540-955-3118  Email:


IDLEHOUR LION'S SHARE (104 USA) (BASIC) b.2004  16.1hh. Sire: Ramblers Richard Lionheart Dam: Earlswood First Edition. Sharon Hanna, Bay Hill Farm, 837 Ravensburg Road, MoConnellsburg, PA 17233 USA. Tel: 717-261-7381  Email:


IDLEHOUR YORKTOWN (103USA)QA b.1996  16.1hh Sire: Ramblers Renown Dam: Holmside Spring Rose.  Marilyn Webster, Idlehour Stud, 2685 Mc Dowell Road, St Thomas, Pennsylvannia 17252.


LORD BRIGADOON (USA 272) b.2014, 16.2hh. Sire: Knaresborough Fusileer, Dam: Tregoyd Promise. Mr P Bennett, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Coach & Livestock Dept, 441 Franklin Street, Williamsburg, VA 23185.

Tel: 757 525 6941  Email:


OLDDOMINION ARTORIUS (USA 149) (BASIC) b.2005, 15.2hh,  Sire: Idlehour Yorktown, Dam: Penrose Buttercup.  Lynn Knight, Sand Hill Road, Georgia, Vermont, VT 05468 USA. Tel: 802-999-4594  Email:



OLDDOMINION SIR GALAHAD (USA 187) (BASIC) b.2008, 16hh,  SireTregoyd Journeyman Dam: Penrose Bayberry.  Kimberly Caruso, KJC Farms, 27654 Cool Water Ranch Lane,Valley Center, California 92082, USA760-751-9120   Email:


PEMBRIDGE JOSHUA (2682) (BASIC) b.2006 Sire: Cholderton Yobi Dam: Pembridge Jewel.  Abby Jones, Overlook Farm LLC, 2321 Stone Mountain Road, Stoneville, NC 27048. Email  Tel: 336-949-4848 or 336-210-0204.


PENROSE CLAUDIUS (2537) (BASIC) b.2001 15.2 3/4hh Sire: Knaresborough Mastermind Dam: Penrose Pandora. Donald Lyon, Still Valley Farm, 352 Lyons Road, South Londonderry, Vermont 05155, USA. Tel: 9-2-824-6475. Email:


PETERSCREEK ROYAL SAGA (USA214) (BASIC) b.2007 17.0hh Sire: Braithwaite Senator Dam: Thomsonbrook Queen's Saga. Beverly Harrell, 5015 Salt Road, Monticello, Florida, 32344, USA Tel: 850.545.2685 Email:


RAMBLERS RICHARD LIONHEART (2341) (BASIC) b.1993 17.1hh Sire Monkton Elite Dam: Ramblers Leonie. Marilyn Webster, Idlehour Stud, 2685 McDowell Road, St Thomas, Pennsylvannia 17252. Tel: 717 369 3412. Email:


RUNSWICK SULTAN (2388) (BASIC) b.1994 15.3hh Sire: Laughton Saladin Dam: Clydan Andromeda. Liia Becker, 98 Knubble Road, Georgetown, Maine 04548, USA


STAINMORE WOLFHOUND (2521) (BASIC) b.2000 Sire: Southbrook Warlord Dam: Stainmore Scotch Rose. Tracie Traver, 548 Roddy Branch Rd, Rockford, Tennesse, USA. Tel: 865 300 7133. Email:


STONERIDGE BENDIGALLA (2431) (BASIC) b.1995 16.2hh Sire: Borderfame Prince Charming Dam: Penrhyn Diploma. Mr J S Hammond, Box 894, Rt 12A, Balloch's Crossing, Cornish, New Hampshire, USA. Tel: 603-54-5802. Email:


TREGOYD JOURNEYMAN (2499) QA Sire: Knaresborough Chancellor Dam: Tregoyd Suzy. b.1999 16.1hh. Anna Cohen, Bay Haven Farm/OldDominion Stud,  PO Box 369, Bluemont VA 20135, USA. Tel:703-401-4054.  Email:


TREGOYD PACKMAN (2581) (BASIC) b.2003 16.1 1/4hh Sire: Cholderton Whitethorn Dam: Tregoyd Grace. James Powers, 33 Farm Gate Drive, Colchester, CT 06415, USA


WINDY DAY SHAKESPEARE (USA235) BASIC b.2010 16.1hh, Sire: Penrhyn Bayswater, Dam: Penrhyn Seline.  Maryalice Larkin Matheson-Thomas, 6608 Carters Run Road, Marshall, Virginia, 20115, USA. Tel: 540-270-6157.  Email:




BELLADONNA QUASAR (PB 4609) b.2007  16.3hh  Sire: Penrhyn Bayswater  Dam:  Idlehour Music. Marcia Brody, Magnific Sporthorses, PO Box 707, Middletown, MD21769 Tel: 202 841 7401 Email:


FROSTYOAK TOUCH WOOD (PB 4350) b.2004 Sire: Forbes Native Statesman Dam: I Wood. Abby Jones, Overlook Farm LLC, 2321 Stone Mountain Road, NC 27048, Email  Tel: 336-949-4848 or 336-210-0203.


IMAGINE THAT (PB 3687) b.1995. Sire: Levenmouth Gay Gordon (2112) Dam: Sky Image. Mrs M McCartney, Foxcroft Farm, 14220 FM 1314, USA


LEGACY EXTRAVAGANT (PB4383) b.2004 16.3hh Sire: Forest Fellow Dam: Kate's Cut (TB). Cynthia Ryan, 1688 E Geddes Circle North, Centennial, Co 80122, USA. Tel 303-335-8001




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