foal passports

Please ensure you have read the Dec 2018 rules regarding passport applications for foals


Application Process 
28. Horse owners in England, Wales and Northern Ireland must ensure that a PIO receives their passport application by the later of: six months from the horse’s date of birth or by 30 November in the year of birth.  First passports that are issued by the PIO after 12 months of birth must be treated as “late” and be issued as a Duplicate/Replacement passport instead (see later Section). If a PIO receives a late application from an owner, they should only treat the passport as “late” if they issue it more than 12 months after the horse’s date of birth  
29. Table showing application process for a first passport (different rules apply to wild/semi-wild ponies in designated areas – see later Section): 
Step By Action  Maximum time to complete 1 Owner requests application pack from appropriate PIO:   registered horses – from PIO that manages the studbook in which the animal is eligible for entry or has been entered;  Non-registered horses – from any PIO approved to issue ID-only passports (Must submit application within deadlines – see row 3) 2 PIO sends application pack to owner (with the exception of Section I parts A and B, a blank passport or part thereof must not be sent as an application form.) Within 7 days of request 
3 Owner submits completed application form, signed by a Veterinary Surgeon to confirm content correct.  
To arrive at PIO by later of: six months from birth or 30 Nov of birth year  
4 PIO acknowledges receipt of application (optional if passport to be issued within 15 days) stating likely issue date and reason (e.g. DNA testing needed; suspected fraud) if issue will take more than 20 working days  
Within 15 working days of receipt of application (if applicable) 
5 PIO checks application for:   accuracy/ authenticity/ signs of fraud;  no previous passport - check microchip number not already on CED;  horse is under 12 months old (by checking Date of Birth);  (in the UK) Veterinary Surgeon who implanted microchip has RCVS membership on RCVS practising Veterinary Surgeon database   completed silhouette that matches written description and is signed by veterinary surgeon or an appropriate person verified by a Veterinary Surgeon’s signature. Notably the outline of each chestnut must be drawn in the appropriate square if horse has no markings and less than 3 whorls;  (Breed societies only) completes the breeding confirmation process in accordance with zootechnical legislation 
6 PIO (if fees received) creates record on PIO database and issues passport as follows: 
(1) if within 12 months of birth (doesn’t apply to semi-wild ponies leaving a derogated area) issues a “New” passport.  
(2) if after 12 months of birth issues either a “Duplicate” passport for a registered horse that has a Covering Certificate available and/or parentage is verified by DNA; or a “Replacement” passport for a “breeding and production” horse or for a registered horse without proof of parentage 
Within 20 working days from receiving application (Note: if application received close to 30 Nov the PIO should take account of Christmas period so the passport is not issued late). 
7 PIO Uploads passport record from database to CED (manually or as Bulk upload at end of day) 
Within 24 hours (of a working day) from creating record on the PIO’s database 
30. The silhouette can be completed by an appropriate person authorised to do so by the PIO, so long as the location of the microchip is marked and the silhouette as a whole confirmed by the veterinary surgeon. 
31. To complement information already available on CA websites, PIOs must provide accurate and up to date information outlining all the legal responsibilities of horse owners in relation to passports including (but not limited to) requirements to:  
a. ensure completed passport applications are received by a PIO within 6 months of birth or by the 30 November of year of birth, whichever is the later; 
b. hand over the passport at the time of transferring ownership of the horse to another person; 
c. notify the PIO of any change of ownership (including dealers) within 30 days of the change by submitting the physical passport for update; 
d. keep the following passport details in the passport up to date and correct at all times: ownership; eligibility for slaughter for human consumption; microchip code; status as registered or breeding and production; 
e. submit the passport to a PIO within 30 days for updating if any passport details have changed; 
f. submit the passport (or photocopy of relevant Section) to a PIO within 14 days of a veterinary surgeon completing and signing Part II of Section II of the passport; 
g. return the passport to a PIO within 30 days of death or loss of the horse 
h. ensure that horses born before 1 July 2009 are microchipped by 1 October 2020. 
32. PIOs must make this available on their website and provide it with any documentation they send to horse owners, for example when returning a passport after updating. We also recommend that PIOs provide this information within the passport itself, printed on the inside of the passport cover or as a loose leaflet.   

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