Equine Export changes

*Update from Defra*

The new Animal Health Regulation (AHR) EHCs were due to be used from 21 August 2021 for goods moved to Northern Ireland or exported to the EU. However, the EU has confirmed a delay to the date the new EHCs must be signed until 15 January 2022.

However the CPH will still be required in the future so the attached form can be used to apply. Information below now stands but as of 15 January 2022 NOT 21 August 2021.

For Information - If you are exporting a horse from 21 August 2021 to or via the EU.

The EU is making changes to its animal health laws, therefore Export Health Certificates (EHCs) and Notes for Guidance used to move goods to Northern Ireland or export to the EU are being updated effective from 21 August 2021. The new EHCs apply for any horses travelling between the UK and EU from 21 August 2021. There are a number of changes to the current requirements with the introduction of the new EHCs.

The Requirement for a Premises Registration Number - Under the new EU Animal Health Regulations, a registration number is required for the place of dispatch, and the EU have stipulated that this be issued by the Competent Authority (i.e., the UK Government). This means that all premises from which horses might be transported to an EU country will need a UK Government issued County Parish Holding (CPH) number (e.g., studs, sales houses, trainers, livery yards or any location that a horse is kept), and this CPH number needs to be recorded on the EHC.

If you have an existing CPH number as you keep agricultural animals, you can use this number. If you do not, you will need to apply for a CPH.

If you are based in England or Scotland and intend to export to the EU on or immediately after 21 August, please use the IRA86 form (attached) to apply for a CPH. The completed form should be sent to Equine.Registration@apha.gov.uk. Please include the date of first export from your premises from 21 August in the subject line of your email.

Equine keepers in Wales should register for a CPH through Manage My CPH on RPW Online (www.gov.wales/rural-payments-wales-rpw-online).

If an individual/company owns/manages multiple establishments from which equines are exported to the EU, each establishment will need a separate CPH number.

There are other changes coming in with the new EHCs, but it would be advisable to speak to your vet in advance of travel about the requirements, and those wishing to transport horses to or from the EU use a professional shipping agent who will be able to supply you with expert and up-to-date advice tailored to your specific requirements, especially in relation to Customs compliance. Failure to provide correct documentation and follow specified procedures may mean that your horses are turned away from BCPs and are not permitted to continue their journey.

(pdf from Defra in download section)

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