Sunday 7th September was the annual Cleveland Bay Awareness Day (formerly Ride A Bay Day) which was started by the Cleveland Bay Horse Society to raise public awareness about this beautiful, but endangered, breed. The Cleveland Bay is in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust category 1 critical list.


The support from owners and riders of Cleveland Bays has been fantastic this year, with lots of people getting out and about with their horses. There has also been huge support from overseas, where these beautiful horses are becoming more and more popular.  Even those who couldn't get out riding or driving their horses have sent in some fabulous photo's of their horses and posted them on the Cleveland Bay Horse Society Facebook page as well as on their own profiles.  The vast majority of people who come across the Cleveland Bay are amazed at how versatile they are, with their renowned lovely calm temperaments and athleticism, they can turn their hooves to virtually anything.


The CBHS are trying really hard to get this message across as more breeders are desperately needed to take over from retiring breeders. Please do consider supporting us by becoming a member of the society (you don't have to own a CB to do this) or make a donation to help the society preserve and protect this wonderful breed. Don't forget to follow the link to the official CBHS Facebook page and have a look through the photographs sent in.


Please help to do your bit and send in any photos with horse/rider details to
Donations/sponsorship can be paid by Paypal via our website.


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