Message from Andy Dell about SPARKS

Happy New Year to one and all!
It's about this time of year I sit down to start work on producing the annual update to the SPARKS data sheets.
I can't start this work until the list of registrations, deaths and geldings for 2013 and Stallions for 2014 is released by the CBHS Breed Committee / Council. Last year a lot of time and effort was wasted using anecdotal data that was given in good faith so the message has to be "be patient" and the datasheets should be out well before the breeding season.


For those unfamiliar with SPARKS -

The SPARKS analysis calculates the mean kinship for every known pure-bred CB in the world population. (Mean Kinship is a measure of how related an individual is to every other living CB.)
The aims of SPARKS are:
1) The avoidance of the mixing of rare bloodlines;
2) The maximising of genetic diversity of the whole population.
3) A gradual reduction in the average mean kinship of the whole population.
4) A reduction of the level of inbreeding in the population.

This breeding programme requires up-to-date information on births, deaths and geldings of pure bred Cleveland Bays.

Please keep the Society informed of any changes to the status of your pure Cleveland Bays.

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