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Wanted: two heavy Cleveland mares

Our currentl population of heavy warm-blooded horses (Groninger) in The Netherlands is too small, I am looking for two young Cleveland Bay mares. Especially the heavy ones. Height about 16.2. Character superb: quiet, friendly, intelligent, willing to work. And really healthy, no hidden illnesses (of course). Purpose is to breed with the Groninger horse (although we would also like to breed with Cleveland Bay). But main reason is to improve and increase the Groninger population. We have been looking around in Europe and since that, it seems merging with Cleveland Bay would be a good deal, worth trying it. And therefore this advertisement. Please contact us when you have or expect mares who could be the right partners. (photo is of the stallion that would be put on them)


Hilde Elizabeth Huizenga

+ 31654947343

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