The 15 members of the CBHS Council are each appointed to one of four main Committees.

Breed, Show, Promotions and Supporters Groups. Each of the Chairs of these Committees together with the Chair of Council make up the Executive Committee of the Council.


In addition the Council will from time to time create specific sub committees to deal with specific aspects of business. Non Council members can be co-opted to those sub committees if they have specific expertise on the subject under consideration.


The Council is also supported by a Chief Officer who acts as secretary to the Executive Committee, represents the CBHS at external meeting with outside bodies and also deals with various other administerative duties including issuing Horse Passports. The Chief Officer does not have a vote.


The Breed Committee

This deals with all aspects of the management of the Pure and Part Bred Cleveland Bay Horse such as:

  • Foal/Horse Registrations for Pure and Part Bred Horses both in the UK and abroad
  • Stallion Licencing
  • Stallion and Mare Inspections
  • Managing the Stallion and Mare QA Schemes in partnership with the Horse Race Betting Levy Board who provide generous sponsorship each year to the breed.

The Show Committee

This deals with all aspects of Showing Cleveland Bays such as:

  • Maintaining an updated Judges List
  • Formulating standards for turnout and judging at shows
  • Liaison with Horse and Agricultural shows that hold Pure and Part Bred Cleveland Bay Classes
  • Overseeing the CBHS Performance Scheme
  • In partnership with our various sponsors administering the Turn Out awards that are provided at many of the shows that hold CB classes.

The Promotions Committee

This deals with all aspects of Promoting our famous breed through:

  • Media Liaison and promotion
  • Publications of the members newsletter and the traditional Year Book/Magazine that is available each Spring
  • Ensuring there is a CBHS commercial presence at Major equine events such as The Great Yorkshire Show and Equefest.
  • Obtaining and marketing Merchandise
  • Administers and maintains the CBHS Website and Facebook Page

The Supporters Committee

The Committee maintains and attracts members and issues new member information packs.

This Committee also ensures that there is an active dialogue between Cleveland Bay Supporters in the UK through established groups such as the Southern Cleveland Bay Supporters    and those overseas Societies who promote the breed such as:


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