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Protecting and Promoting the Cleveland Bay, a British horse with a history and a future

Breed societies are usually formed to develop and establish a young breed but when this society was formed in 1884 it's aim was the preservation of an old established breed. The objectives of the Society remain to this day "the preservation and improvement of the standard of horses in general and of the Cleveland Bay horse in particular by improving the standard of breed of Cleveland blood into horse breeding". In pursuance of these objectives the Society is concerned in a wide range of activities.



It not only compiles and publishes the Stud Book the Society maintains a Register of part-bred horses and operates a Grading Register system, annexed within the Stud Book, for males and females whose breeding does not comply with the rules of the Stud Book. As the authority responsible for the licensing of colts and stallions it endeavors to encourage the breeding of both pure and part-bred stock from approved animals. Thanks to the generosity of the Horserace Betting Levy Board the Society operates grant schemes to promote the breeding of pure-bred horses as without such foundation stock there can be no part-breds.  Grants are payable only to fully paid up Members of the Cleveland Bay Horse Society and in respect of UK based Cleveland Bay Horses.


Shows and Competitions

Each year the King George V competition is held, to determine the Supreme Champion from amongst the Quality Approved (QA) & Life Premium Stallions. The event includes a class for all other licensed stallions and colts and a mixed ridden class for pure and part-bred horses.


Throughout the year the Society runs competitions open to both pure and part-bred horses.


An annual breed championship show which has numerous classes for both pure and part-bred horses, in-hand and under saddle, is held in August at the Equifest Show in Peterborough.


Sales and Promotion

The Society is keen to promote and assist it's members in the sale of both pure and part-bred horses.  Many breeders prefer to sell their animals privately. Here the Society is able to help both vendor and purchaser by providing a list of breeders of pure-bred horses.


Adverts for Cleveland Bays, for sale and for loan,can also be found on the society website. 


The publication of an annual magazine and regular newsletters containing a variety of articles on subjects connected with the breed further facilities the exchange of information and promotion of Cleveland horses in general.


The Cleveland Bay Horse Society also runs an very active Facebook page. Many members post pictures and information about thier Cleveland Bays so why not have a look and 'like' our page.


The Southern Cleveland Bay Breeders Club is a supporting group which organises various competitive and social events.


The Society is constantly striving to meet the demands of it's members and promote and expand the Cleveland Bay.


The Cleveland Bay is our heritage. It must be protected for future generations of horse lovers whether they be breeders or admirers of the breed.


By joining the Society you will be contributing to the preservation and promotion of the Cleveland Bay - The British Horse with a History and a Future.


Why not join the CBHS?

Even if you do not breed, own or ride a Cleveland you can support this wonderful British breed by becoming a member of this Society.


Your attendance at meetings and involvement in social activities will be most welcome. As a member you will be able to actively promote pure and part-bred Clevelands.


Visit the Join Us page for more information.



If you already own a pure-bred Cleveland Bay please make sure it is registered with this Society. A Cleveland is a valuable horse and it is important the Society is aware of it's existence.


The Society also maintains a register for part-bred horses. To be eligible a horse must have at least one great, grandparent entered in the stud book.


If you have an unregistered pure or part-bred the Society will be pleased to help you in the registering of your horse. This will enable you to enter classes at shows throughout the country and to compete with your horse in the Society's show and performance horse competition.


Registration with other bodies should not replace registration with this Society. If registration with other organisation is necessary for you to compete in certain disciplines, this can be arranged through this Society by the over stamping of Society registration documents.


For application forms and details of fees contact the office by 


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There are many ways to support the Cleveland Bay, by joining us as a member, by leaving a donation in a Will, by giving a donation at any time by clicking on the button below or by supporting any of our fundraising initiatives...