Part Breds

The CBHS is not just about pure bred horses.

There are hundreds of part bred Cleveland bays participating in all manner of equine disciplines and the Society has in place Performance Schemes to support those horses and riders at all levels of ability both in hand and under saddle.


If you have a part bred Cleveland Bay we would love to hear from you.


In the 1970’s the CBHS created a register to recognise the influence of the part bred on the breed and this has now become the basis for the Passports that are issued in accordance with UK Legislation.


The CBHS also inspects and licences all Part Bred Cleveland Bay Stallions that are listed by the Society on its current stallion list.


Part Bred Cleveland Bays have risen to the highest levels in Show jumping and in Dressage notably the International Grand Prix Dressage Arun Tor who was ridden by Ferdi Eilberg.


Part Breds also in the news include rising dressage star Spring Pascal, ridden by Samantha Thurman Baker and the prolific show hunter winner Oathill Take The Biscuit (Hovis) bred by Julia & Doug Anderson, owned by Sally Iggulden and produced & ridden by Danielle Heath.


The Society also provides rosettes at many shows for the highest placed Cleveland Bays in non Cleveland specific classes.


If you would like details of the CBHS Performance Scheme please contact:



Pure Bred Cleveland Bays


The CBHS was originally created in 1884 to preserve and protect the pure Cleveland Bay horse. The breed has a history that goes back to beyond the time when records were kept and is the oldest pure breed of horse known in the United Kingdom.


It is a versatile horse ideally suited to modern equestrian disciplines from Driving though to Dressage as well as being an increasingly popular choice for leisure riders.


The Society currently supports the pure breed in the following ways:

  • Maintaining, through a registration process, a worldwide Pure Stud book
  • Licencing Pure CB Stallions for use on Cleveland and non Cleveland mares
  • Maintaining a Stallion Quality Approved Scheme in partnership with the Horserace Betting Levy Board
  • Developing schemes to support the breeding of pure CB horses such as the current foal premium which currently stands at £300 per pure bred live foal registered, with a further £50 payment for a Sparks Compliant Live Foal Birth.
  • Collecting and maintaining DNA records of the breed

If you currently own or have a pure bred Cleveland bay and require further information about the breed or you are interested in becoming involved in the breed then please contact us-

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